Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1

Read What Happened in Kurulus Osman Last Episode, and Watch Season 2 Episode 1.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 27, Osman Bey was encircled by the soldiers that Princess Sofia had brought. Osman Bey began drawing in with them and injured a few of them. However, the harmed will get up and begin battling against him once more. Osman Bey implores Almighty Allah and attacks' once more. Osman Bey fled into the woodland, however he was encircled by Byzantine soldiers. 

Princess Sofia educates the troopers to ship off Geyhatu Khan the groups of Balgay and Cerkutay. Aygul is, then, additionally unsettled. Burcin and Bala Hatun endeavor to make Aygul quiet. Boran is harmed and makes his track be lost by Byzantine troopers pursuing him. Boran at that point returns to the front line and audits Goktug 's condition. Bamsi returns and sees Boran;

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 27, Dundar and Hazal talk about what Aygul did. While Osman Bey was going through the woodland, he was found by Byzantine troopers and Princess Sofia. Sofia says she will render retribution on her dad and attacks Osman Bey. Sofia is told by Osman Bey that nobody can take this land that his dad has prevailed. Hazal is proposing a proposal for Aygul to be shipped off Kastamonu for clinical treatment. 

Hazal disagrees with her child Bahadir in Kurulus Osman, Episode 27, however he comes clean. Dundar Bey gets the news that he was called to the post by Osman Bey and put forth immediately. Sheik Edebali, in the interim, enters the post and sees the Christians who kicked the bucket in the fight. Sheik Edebali is irate with the expired Christians. 

Sheik Edebali is furious that he has not had the option to lead them on the correct way. In the stronghold, Osman Bey welcomes Sheik Edebali. Sheik Edebali noticed that Osman Bey's fantasy has begun to materialize. An Imam from Samarkand hands Kayi 's banner over to Osman Bey. Osman Bey is told by Sheik Edebali to hang this banner on the post. 

Hazal converses with Selcan and asks her for what good reason his plan was disguised by Osman Bey. Selcan reveals to her why Osman kept his plan covered up and goes to make courses of action for the celebrations. High mountain re-visitations of the plain, charged by Hazal, and declares that Aygul has fled.

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