Seven rules to become Successful in Life

1.  Follow your Dream

Your dreams are your own; do not let anyone else conquer them.  First understand what dreams are, according to Shams “Whenever people hear about something unusual, they call it a dream”. Yes dreams are unusual, but your dream is unusual for me, my dream is unusual for you. Your dream for yourself is the only possible thing; you have to make that unusual dream, possible to achieve the remarkable success.

2. Be Specific with your Goal

                In order to be successful, set a target to achieve, but keep in mind that your target is clear to you. People usually have targets, but their tracks and methods are vague which fails them to reach that mark. So when you set a goal, make direct and clear decisions, adopt a specific way. Your determination and focus will take you to that goal.

3. Create Opportunities

                When you decide to be a successful man, you move out to find different offers, job opportunities and projects etc.. But the most disheartening moment is when you fail in an interview, or your boss throws you out from the office, or sometimes you are not selected for a specific task. Now there is no one to see your talent and skills, but now this is your time to decide your future. You do not find opportunities anymore, do not leave hope; Create opportunities for yourself, on your own.

4. Be Passionate

                Whatever your purpose is, whatever your task is, the major key to success is your passion. Love, for your work. You can do the most difficult task, with the most enjoyable method, only if you are passionate about what you do. Your passion to achieve your goal will surely award you with the most amazing success.

5. Believe in Yourself

No power in the world can give you success until and unless you do not belief in your own dreams and your own powers.  At every stage of life, people will pull your legs down, they will try to snatch your dreams from you, but the only thing that will help you move on is the belief in yourself.  You have to believe that you have all the powers to achieve your goal and no one can stop you.

6. Be Proactive

                You have to be ready always for all sorts of circumstances, rather than just ignoring things you have to act effectively. Make long-term strategies to survive and to move on every time. Whenever you set a goal, you choose a path meanwhile you have another responsibility to make a proactive approach.

7.  Be your own Hero

            The last and the most important rule to become successful, is to be your own hero. You have to accept that no one in this world is your hero. You are the only master of your dreams. You have to make things possible, you alone have to fight for your goal and you alone have to move on. Do not rely on anybody else to fulfill your tasks.  You are your own responsibility; your success is only your target. 

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