The horse was flying in the skies of Mecca.

Mecca: A few days ago, when I was in Mecca winds and thunder in the sky was breathtaking accommodation ykhny then left the planet shiny color when a horse flying in the sky, usually this kind of thing nzraya.dlcsp receive news of views but no evidence certainly does not look survival but also the mobile phone cameras record while watching this amazing scene powerless Akbar Sobhan Allah and cried.

People in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, it still surprises mbtlahyn a flying horse in the skies of Mecca appear Default means and what's behind it.

This video was taken hy.agrch immense popularity on the Internet due to weather, but the scenes are not very clear what kind of horse flies can be seen clearly from the process, some people have argued that this horse the shape of the balloon can be filled with helium gas was left in our course are also common this type of gaseous bubbles.
Despite this, there is still no clear reality of the world in different countries, including Saudi Arabia, people still mbtlahyn surprise that this is the secret behind.

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